New research finds that bathrooms have overtaken kitchens as the most common remodeling project for professional remodelers, according to the National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) second quarter Remodeling Market Index (RMI). The RMI is a quarterly survey of remodelers about their business. "Professional remodelers continue to provide quality service to consumers interested in remodeling their homes," said NAHB

Remodelers Chairman Donna Shirey, CGR,CAPS, CGP, and remodeler from Issaquah,Wash. "Many have gotten creative in theirbusinesses and are offering more maintenanceand handyman services for homeowners."Sixty-one percent said bathroom remodelingwas one of their most common projects duringthe first half of 2010. Kitchen remodelingcame next with 52 percent. In previous years,kitchen remodeling was reported as the mostcommon activity by more than 70 percent ofremodeler respondents.

In general, comparisons to historicaldata from previous years show that largerremodeling projects (such as room additions,whole house remodeling, bathroom additions,and second-story additions) have been on thedecline for several years. Smaller remodelingjobs (such as window and door replacements)have remained relatively steady, or, in the caseof handyman services, actually increased.For example, only 29 percent of remodelersreported that room additions were a commonactivity in 2010, compared to 70 percent in2004.

Conversely, none of the professionalremodelers responding to the survey reportedthat it was common for their companies toperform handyman services in 2004, while 33percent of remodelers were regularly providinghandyman work in the first half of 2010.Forty percent of remodelers reported working on window or door replacements thus far in 2010, followed by handyman services (33percent), room additions (29 percent), wholehouse remodeling (21 percent), decks (19percent), insurance repair (19 percent), roofing(18 percent), finished basement (17 percent),siding (16 percent), enclosed/added porch(16 percent), bathroom additions (13 percent),second story additions (9 percent), enclosed/added garage (8 percent), historic preservation(5 percent), finished attic (4 percent), and otherprojects (6 percent).

Remodelers also reported that they expectrevenues to increase over 2009 during thelatter half of 2010. For more informationabout the Remodeling Market Index, NAHB Remodelers isAmerica's home for professional remodelers,representing the more than 20,000 remodelingindustry members of the National Associationof Home Builders (NAHB).

Founded in1982, the organization provides information,education, and designation programs toimprove the business and constructionexpertise of its members and to enhancethe professional image of the industry. Itsmembership incorporates 145 local councilsin 43 states. Learn more about remodeling at Therese Crahan is the executive director ofNAHB Remodelers. She may be contacted at(202) 266-8211 or at


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