While contemplating a kitchen remodel in his Bel Air home, the owner was inspired by architect PeterSjostrom and general contractor Gordon Gibson Construction to transform the outdated design of his 1980 Tudor-style estate into a $4 million contemporary French chateau.

By Evan Lancaster

Elegance through renovation, inspiration, and a $4million remodel has transformed the 1980 design ofa 9,000-square-foot, Tudor-style Bel Air estate into astylishly modernized French Chateau. Architect anddesigner Peter Sjostrom, along with general contractorGordon Gibson Construction, utilized aspects of the original layout toincorporate the most powerful design attainable during the remodel.Although this Bel Air estate is the client's secondary residence, "Theclient wanted the home to feel more powerful and substantial, while maintaining some of its old world charm," said Sjostrom. "In the designphase the client reacted positively to images of French manor housesand country estates which eventually lead to the choice of style."Incorporating aspects of the Tudor design's high roof-line, composition,and original layout fused well with extensions used on the interior andexterior. Gordon Gibson said his process enabled the design team toexpand living space in the foyer, kitchen, and maid's quarters.According to Sjostrom and Gibson, challenges included a complete redesign and relocation for the main staircase and gallery, which

"When designing traditional homes, it isimportant for me to employ correct classicalproportions, techniques, and detailing, whileat the same time adapting them to theindividual needs of the client and comfort oftoday's modern lifestyle." Peter Sjostrom, AIA

required computer assisted technology along withmassive steel posts and beams for support. Sjostromexplained the addition of shear walls and momentframes added extra challenges through the process ofremodel, but he credits the clever positioning of steelposts and beams in precast columns to allow for extradetail and support. "Bearing loads were transferred tothe existing framework in order to open up the foyer,while at the same time concealing the structure."Originally, the owner was only looking to remodel the kitchen. But after several discussions with Sjostrom and Gibson overpotential possibilities of home design, the owner wanted to achieve atimeless, sophisticated, and consistent appearance both inside and out, which lead to the entire remodel.

"The client became inspired toincrease both the scope and considerably the budget, resulting in thetotal exterior and interior remodel of the home." The increased budgetlead to $250,000 spent on the home's impressive exterior characterusing only quality precast elements. Rare marbles and granites wereused to accentuate the countertops andfloor plan throughout the house. The owners were very impressed with the La Cornue range priced justover $40,000."When designing traditional homes, it is important for me to employcorrect classical proportions, techniques, and detailing, while at the sametime adapting them to the individual needs of the client and comfort of today's modern lifestyle," said Sjostrom. Evan Lancaster is an editorial assistant at Residential Contractor. He canbe contacted at elancaster@penpubinc.com.

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