Bus driver, move that bus!" yells Ty Pennington on ABC's hit show, "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" (EMHE). This exciting phrase continues to transform the lives of deserving families, giving builders, thousands of volunteers, and the talented cast and crew. The twotime Emmy award-winning show features a race against the clock, completing projects with the help of builders across the country in just seven days, with four days to build from the ground-up and three days for destroying the original house and getting it move-in ready.

Senior Producer Diane Korman previously worked in design televisionwhen she heard of ABC's show that would build a house in one week."That will never work," she said out loud, yet she instantly knew shehad to work on the show. "When I started, ABC gave us an order of fiveepisodes, and now it's been over 170 episodes. In television, that's alifetime," said the senior producer.With seven seasons under their belt, the show did not start witha focus on the tearjerking stories of amazing parents, siblings, andchildren in need. As part of the show from its development phase,Ty Pennington, team leader of EMHE, talked about the original transformation, in which the show originally focused on designers making decisions under tight deadlines. "When the show evolved, we quickly realized that the designers aren't the story â€" the families are," said Pennington.

We adjusted the formatto really showcase some of these amazing stories of triumphover adversity."In response to the extreme team's hard work and dedicationand being selected as our "Contractor of the Year," BradyConnell, executive producer for four seasons on the series andshowrunner for Season 8, acknowledged the local builderswho "step up to build a home for a family in need. They put theircompany on hold for weeks, reach out to their subs and trades,and make it happen from the ground up," he said. "All weprovide is minimal project management and, most importantly,guidance from our experience on 170-plus homes."With the help of Korman, who acknowledges EMHE asthe "Super bowl of homebuilding," we feature four storiesabout amazing builders and families from different U.S. regions in this issue.

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